Ensure the smooth processing of football matches

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Ensure the smooth processing of football matches

From: chipshow.com Time:6/22/2016 4:04:27 AM



At 3 am June 11th 2016, European football Cup started in Paris. Thousands of football fans’ excitement and passion push the matches to an carnival all around the world.Until now, the carnival has been on halfway and to the most intense phase. It’s seen as famous as world cup in matches level ,sightseeing ,and it’s also the first European cup after European football associations decided to expand football teams to 24 in 2016. Each match is associating with the hearts of the fans.

As for me(fake football fan) , it’s not only the exciting mathes but also Chipshow led displays’ installation and application in the football field that excited me. It’s appearing in the matches help to make an all-out effort for the soccer player together with the fans. And it was also amazed to viewers by the displaying effect.

Chipshow product applied on the filed is the football fence display . It not only broadcast the commercial advertising but also playback the great shots of the matches. Letting fans to watch the great shots again ,and also convenient to the fans to watch the matches anywhere he sit.


There are many reasons why Chipshow football fence led display always be liked by the clients: easy to do maintenance 、soft mask、 adjustable support、 high refresh rate、 clear picture of high quality. But the most important is the Chipshow unique control system. If one of the cabinets broken, the others will not be affected ,keep operating all the same.For the demand of led display in the sports field, Chipshow has reaserched a perfect solution. It meets the requirements of scene report on time and playback of great shots, and commercial advertising, so on. In the period of European Cup, Chipshow engineers garrisoned at the European Cup site to ensure the smooth processing of football matches, which is also promise from Chipshow to all clients that not even a broken point will appear.


Already on world cup in 2014, Chipshow has passed the test, and greatly showed in the world cup field. Now, in European cup field in 2016, Chipshow again broadcasting the fantastic games to the world. Quality is from what Chipshow has always been sticking to the industry, and also fulfill our value of integrity , strict and responsible.