Outdoor P6 Half-off Sale

Post time:2016-07-22 17:38


Outdoor P6 Half-off Sale

From: chipshowmall.com Time:7/25/2016 2:43:02 AM

For the support of the new and old customers, Chipshow is introducing a special offer of SMD P6 LED display. Display sales will be limited to 5000 m2 which is the stock. What are you waiting for?


320*320mm standard module size, 6000CD/sqm brightness + 1800Hz refresh rate + 2-year warranty + indoor-outdoor adjustability with Attractive price but superior quality.



King-Kong standard cabinets for outdoor fixed installation, 960*960mm cabinet size, simple cabinet and waterproof cabinet optional, 6000CD/㎡ brightness, IP65, meet outdoor naked installation requirements.


R-series LED display screen, 640*640mm cabinet size, 6000CD/㎡ brightness, 140 degree vertical viewing angle, IP65, vivid and high-definition image;

As the outdoor HD LED display leader, Chipshow upgrades Outdoor HD display constantly for optimal display results. In this filed, Chipshow release SMD series successively including P4, P5, P6, P7, P8, P10 and so on. So that Chipshow initiate outdoor HD LED display area.


With the increasing demand for the definition of outdoor LED display, outdoor HD LED display will be the mainstream product. SMD P6 LED display providing higher-definition image and better visual effect is widely used in outdoor advertisement, stage project, commercial real estate, travel and so on.


Chipshow release the special activity ceremoniously owing to not only the customer demand, but also the industry trend.



This activity will be concluded on August 1st. Please connected with your salesman, or call Chipshow official TEL 400-600-8646.