Small Pixel Pitch LED solution

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Small Pixel Pitch LED solution

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Chipshow, Mcro Block, Color light and RGB link, depending on science and technology to strengthen strategic cooperation, jointly issued the most perfect solution again for small pixel pitch LED industry after issuing the best leasing solution on June.

In order to create a better user experience and provide the most competitive products to customers, small pixel pitch led displays from Chipshow have been upgraded and made breakthroughs all the time. Leopard series, which is HD small pixel pitch led displays, are star products in chipshow. On the one hand, leopard series are not only pioneered the concept of front-maintenance wall mounted installation , but also have several prominent advantages to replace LCD perfectly. On the other hand, Leopard were welcomed by masses of customers, and at the same time they were at the very top of small pixel pitch led displays industry.

Real front-maintenance design, without extra space to maintain. Any modules, power supply and receiving card can be replaced in front and Clingy wall installation is available,Self Calibration.The correction coefficient would be stored in the modules. When power on, the receiving cards automatically read and activate the coefficient inside the modules.


Wall mounted installation.It allows customers to save time and effort worry by using former installation structure.Perfect substitution of LCD. The interface mode of signal lines and power wire are same as LCD;Ultrastability of screen. Higher anti-static electricity capacity, lower dead lamp rate and high stability ensure customers a better experience,Self Seam Correction. The seam between modules can be self-corrected by the system itself, which truly fulfills customers’ need by making the small pixel led screen a seamless and flawless product.


Single module calibration. The calibration coefficient is stored in every single module, meanwhile, cabinet replacement or module replacement at random are implemented. In addition, automatic calibration and automatic seam are available,Magnetic modules. With the magnetic design, modules can be easily and quickly assembled or disassembled from cabinet, and it is five times faster than general cabinet installation on the market,Perfect 16:9 format. Four cabinets screen is exact 55”,and same video source as LCD,Dual backup.Backup for power supply, control card and air plug, meanwhile, automatically switch can get if signal breakdown,In addition, its function has a lot of improvement. First, quick response can be realized with zero frame delay, meanwhile, audio and video synchronization is available. And it could be applied to command and monitor system. Then database will be doubled, so will the display effect. A high definition of displays will be achieved and it won’t lose gray even in a low brightness circumstance.

Chipshow leopard series are using driving IC named MBI5153/MBI5124 from Macro Block, and those two driving IC are especially designed for small pixel pitch led displays. Combined with Leopard series, it can effectively solve the led screen problems, such as eliminate ghost, reduce image blurring, improve words and pictures definition, etc,As for the video processor,we choose the Venus X3 from RGBlink.It’s a product that combines various high-end functions to realize the High Definition of the Leopard series. By supporting the input and output of any signal format and the seamless signal switching,the Leopard really meets multi-level needs of our customers.

Moreover, MB5153 have the powerful function with cross elimination to put the bad range into a single lamp which will save the maintenance time and cost for customers. Under the combination of Macro Block, the image of leopard series is more clear and more visual wallop,Control card in Leopard series use the newest product--I6 produced from Colorlight with the features of thinner view and more powerful function. The appearance of I6 is small and light , and it set a standard interface to ensure a simple design. I6 is very suitable for front-maintenance mounted installation, and it can make the power supply and receiving card remove and install from front, simple the process of maintenance.

Besides, it also supports the field control panel alternation.So it has undoubtedly supreme advantages in smart command center concerning transportation,security and military,The powerful combination among Chipshow and other suppliers is aimed at presenting to our customers the LED small pixel display with higher definition,stronger stability and vigorous competitiveness and a full-rounded led display solution. From products to solutions, the customers’ requirements and using experience always matter the most to Chipshow .