Why the “copy “is occurred more and more ?

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Why the “copy “is occurred more and more ?

From: chipshowmall.comTime:8/23/2016 6:17:06 AM

Recently, international famous brand of Apple industry was convicted of copy appearance patent by china local mobile phone company, then speculate abroad and Iphone was prohibited to sell in Beijing. As a top events appear again in front of people of patent dispute. Therefore, it’s very common of copy appearance patent in china. There are all kinds of same trademark and same quality products widely appear in industry and market isn’t it? However, even in led display industry. Such as chipshow, it’s obsessed with “proficient to quality, commit to creation”, chipshow has 16 years R&D accumulated, there is 20 national invention patents, 40 appearance of the patent for utility patents, lately, there is also a same case in led display industry, the parties chipshow reported that more than one company copycatted their product of “front service screen” and “ventilation led display” that spending huge sums at research and development after to market.

Chipshow was known as its “front service screen” series products, there is no screw between module and cabinet, easy to opening, black and firm and smooth in reference, resistance UV module suite. Guarantee the cabinet smooth no deformation, no maintenance access, adapt to all kinds of install environment, modularity design, special features in fast and low cost in install and maintenance ,with electric hot –swap. However, Mr. Wuxiaogang, the president of chipshow, said the “front service screen” series products sold in market is made up with poor plastic and replaced the chipshow developed metal material , and it’s same in function and appearance structure design, there is not guarantee the quality but also affect the products hours of use and client’s benefit.

The “copy “is not the first time occurs, and the back cause is worth thinking. First, the led display industrial standard is lower than others and the higher benefit in the primary stage, so just starting out of the enterprise participate in it. And there is short of experience and core technician, unwillingness to put into research money and energy, reduce the human, material and financial resources, then they can get high benefit, and become an irresistible trend of copy.Besides, the all kinds of patent for invention about led industry in foreign, and there are not too many hold in home country. In the international market, so many major in export led company was in technological problem. Though china is the large production-manufacturing in led display but just belong to the bottom part of the value chain. In home country market, there is so many industry competitors and product difference lead to no breakthrough. No new Technology creation, more and more company choose to copy other’s technology design in the face of research need much money and time to get higher benefits , as for the led display , it’s need to create new product to meet clients demand, leave the creation means leave market .


Then, in led display industry, there is so many company no respect patent and no creation idea, lead to same trademark and same product appear continuously, and endless repetition. So the low-end product relative surplus in market and disturb the market order.Finally, as for country, there is not complete industry standard, to facilitate the trend “copy”, although there is some standard in local government, it’s too irregularity to meet with different problem in different place, and let the product different from each other in true and false and quality.


As we know,”copy” result in so many problem, on the one hand, some company is short of independent research and development technology, under the pressure of the material cost raise then sacrifice the quality of the product and rely on price compete in the face of competitor in the market, it’s not disturb the market order but also put the professional enterprise down, effect the professional enterprise research and development. On the other hand, too many copy lead to supply exceeds demand of the led display, then they must to price-off promotion, so many companies go into a bad circulation.


As chipshow’s president Mr. Wuxiaogang said, “Front maintenance screen” and “ventilation led display” have been producing 6 years, the main market in broad, in former years, we have been applying the national patent invention and international PCT patent. It’s the most part of sale’s development. But now , it was copied by so many enterprises, they was not advertised in network but soled to clients on the sly, so foreign clients don’t know which one is professional .it’s not also grab the market share but also effect the normal market order.


As we all know, it’s not so easy to invent the patent, and need too much money and energy .it include the intelligence gathering of the technician team in the company, it should be respect and protect. Now, our government propose “popular create industry, everyone creation”, the most important is respect and protect creation. Then we can development better and better. But now led display industry copy is more and more. People don’t know which one is professional, and not easy to control the bad situation. But special invention patents maybe could upgrade the copy stage. Mr. Wuxiaogang said”as for copy, we should create special product owe to ourselves and sometime we can use legal weapons to protect our own interest. ”